The most seamless trading experience
Trade, earn, govern and build on the leading decentralized exchange on Tezos
Trade volume
Bridge volume
A protocol for protocols
Vote and earn trading fees
Voters can claim trading fees and bribes from the liquidity pools they have voted for.
Earn emissions,
trading fees, and bribes
Provide liquidity, stake, and vote to maximize your rewards of the Plenty protocol.
Featuring stable and volatile liquidity pools
Enabling near-zero slippage trades on uncorrelated and tightly correlated assets.
Deploy new stable and volatile pools easily
Vote for pools to increase rewards
Vote to earn trading fees and bribes
Add bribes to attract more votes
An ever growing
DeFi ecosystem
Discover the power of decentralized finance at the heart of the Tezos DeFi ecosystem with Plenty.
Trade your
veNFT locks
Lock your PLY rewards as VeNFTs and use them to vote. Or trade them on
Swap PLENTY and WRAP for PLY
Plenty and Wrap Protocol holders can swap their existing tokens to the new token PLY at launch.
Bridge from Ethereum and Polygon with ease
Migrate popular tokens in minutes and put them to work on Tezos with Plenty.
Plenty Network
Read more about Plenty's new vote escrow architecture.
Grow your crypto on Tezos
Earn trading fees and bribes by voting, and protocol emissions by staking.
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